Montreal is the creative and energetic city I call home.  After taking art classes throughout my childhood, I studied illustration and design at Dawson College.  Once I graduated, I spent the next 12 years working in the field of graphic design.  My career took me through various industries from a weekly newspaper, to creating packaging for a toy company, and then as a product designer for the home fashion industry.

 Not that long ago things were made with care and made to last. This is why when creating my own line of pillows, I decided to use vintage repurposed fabrics that I find at thrift shops and flea markets. Visit my etsy shop called ReContextile.

 Photography was among the classes I took when I studied illustration and design in college. Even though I ended up working in graphic design, decorating and real estate, I have never put down my camera. I'm drawn to country scenes and my camera is never far when I'm on a road trip or travel. My color palette is muted and pastel tones, mostly rustic and natural. My nickname in art school was "country charm" and the shoe certainly fits! Visit my photography etsy shop called WarmScape.